Since 1982, Village Publishing has been offering the child custody and family/parenting tests and assessment instruments of two of the most well-known experts in the field of child custody.

These tests and multi-source assessment instruments are the tools for providing a truly comprehensive, all-around view of a child. Based on the concept of 360 degree feedback, a multi-source assessment, gathering information from all the major people with whom a child interacts in different settings and contexts, provides additional, and very valuable, information. This information takes one outside the perceptions of just the parents and child to an analysis of how the child and his or her parents are perceived by others with whom they interact. While their tests and other instruments were originally designed for forensic use in child custody evaluations, they have found their way into more general use as their value in other settings involving parents (married, divorced, unmarried) and their children became apparent. The assessment instruments provide information that is useful for a variety of applications, including:

  • Screening and diagnosis for family counseling/psychotherapy

  • Family counseling evaluations to assess differing parenting relationships, beliefs, and practices among parents or other caregivers

  • Assessment of strengths and weaknesses in parenting skills

  • Assessment of how a child perceives and values his or her interactions with each parent in many critical childcare areas and his or her associations to various specific family systems

  • Monitoring the effectiveness and impact of therapeutic interventions through periodic re-administrations

  • Termination of parental rights and parental fitness evaluations

  • As a process measure in family interaction

  • Assessment of a parent’s knowledge and understanding of a specific child in a wide variety of important life areas (interpersonal relationships, daily routine, health history, developmental history, school history, fears, personal hygiene, communication style)

The instruments have been used by all mental health professionals (e.g., psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage counselors, school psychologists and counselors, psychiatrists, pastoral therapists, juvenile-offender counselors) who perform or plan to perform child, parent, or family assessments, or serve in the roles of child and family therapists or counselors.

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