Multi-Source Assessment Semi-Structured Interviews Kit

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Multi-Source Assessment Semi-Structured Interviews Kit


Helps an examiner distinguish between accurate and biased information collected from many sources (parents, children, grandparents, and other collateral informants or involved professionals).

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Multi-Source Assessment Structured Interviews Kit

The Semi-Structured Interview Forms are extensive and highly detailed, and are designed to help an examiner distinguish between accurate and biased information. They are designed to gather self-report data from parents, grandparents, and collateral informants such as teachers, pediatricians, mental health professionals, and other lay persons (neighbors, grandparents, babysitters, etc.) involved in the issues being assessed. The Interview Forms are based on relevant legal rulings and extensive scientific research. A Manual is included.

One purpose of the Semi-Structured Interview, in addition to gathering data about the children, is to help the examiner gain an impression of each informant’s perceptions of how each parent deals with a child in a wide variety of settings.

Contains: 8 copies of each of the following:  

  • Physician Semi-Structured Interview (7 pages)
    The main focus is on health history but it also includes significant clinical information about the two parents.

  • Teacher Semi-Structured Interview (20 pages)
    A teacher has a great deal of contact with a child and a chance to observe and comment on the child in many life areas, e.g., academic, social, health-related, fears, etc.

  • Parent Semi-Structured Interview (16 pages)
    This interview form asks a parent to make observations about his or her child and then to differentiate between him- or herself and the other parent with respect to the child’s behaviors, fears, perceptions, etc.

  • Mental Health Professional Semi-Structured Interview (17 pages)
    A mental health professional will obviously have significant information about many of the parties being assessed.

  • Corroborative Source Semi-Structured Interview (18 pages)
    A corroborative source (grandparent, babysitter, neighbor, etc.) will typically have useful information on many of the people involved in family assessments.

Manual contains full instructions on how to use the interviews.

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